Impact at Venn
Our Impact Mission and Model
Venn is a team of ambitious and hopeful entrepreneurs, technologists, and community managers who are united by a common goal of making city living healthier and happier for our neighbors. We believe cities can be better and our beliefs are backed up by a business model that works and actions that make a difference.
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The Double Bottom Line Principle
Doing Well By Doing Good

As a company, we are committed to the ‘double bottom line’ principle, which measures both traditional financial return on investment and also measures social return on investment. This model ensures that, as a business, we remain dedicated to our core value of doing well by doing good.

Our Goals
Our Core Impact Goal

Increasing life satisfaction among our members and in the communities where we operate is central to our impact model and mission. To ensure that all our work and initiatives ladder up this goal, we have identified four impact objectives.

Impact Objectives
Provide honest, fairly priced housing
Our Impact Model
How We Measure Our Success

To craft our impact goals, we drew inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal No.11, which envisions a world in which cities are inclusive, safe, and sustainable. For each goal, we select clear indicators, establish neighborhood-specific targets, and collect data using member surveys and proprietary platforms. This model is based on international standards and was developed under the guidance of the Bridges Israel Impact Fund.

Key Results
Our Impact in Action

Venn’s platform creates positive opportunities for all stakeholders – members, neighborhood residents, employees, and investors – and we’ve got the results to prove it.

Life Satisfaction
Helping Our Members Lead Happier Lives

We tracked life satisfaction levels among our members and compared them to city-wide averages in Berlin, New York City, and Tel Aviv. In all cities, Venn members report having higher levels of life satisfaction.

Combating Loneliness
Creating a Sense of Belonging

We tracked loneliness levels among our members when they joined our communities, and then six and twelve months after moving in. The vast majority reported lower levels of loneliness.

Economic Impact
Investing in Our Communities

We have a proven track record of investing in small, local businesses throughout our communities.

A Deeper Look at Our Impact Work
Read Our 2019 Impact Report
In the sections below, we offer key insights from our 2019 impact work as well as the opportunity to dig deeper into our past impact reports.
Key Learnings
Insights from 2019

In 2019, we took stock of our impact model and homed in on three key learnings to apply to our work in 2020.

What We Learned in 2019
Focus on Internal Intentionality
We found that holding our employees accountable to our impact goals not only improved internal motivation but also improved the well being of our members and neighborhoods.
Past Reports
Venn 2018 Impact Report

Published just a year after the company’s founding, the Venn 2018 Impact Report is a testament to our focus and dedication to impact work from day one.

Past Reports
Venn Semi-Annual Impact Report 2019

The 2019 semi-annual report was published shortly after we finalized our series A financing and highlights the central importance of impact work in our product and business model.