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Our Story

We love the city. It keeps us energized and inspired. But we think city life can be done differently — and better. It can be more affordable than the city center. It can have more open spaces for human connection. Within the madness of city life, we think you should be able to see friends more often, explore your interests, and make a positive impact in your neighborhood. We look forward to meeting you, wherever you are.

Founded in 2016, venn combines the urban and communal living experiences of its three founders: Or Bokobza (CEO) and Chen Avni (CXO), raised respectively on an agricultural cooperative known as a kibbutz and a moshav, and David Sherez (CREO), raised in the urban environment of Tel Aviv. They served together as leaders in an elite army reconnaissance unit, became good friends, and shared the same dream of living in the city and raising their families together. But facing a lack of viable and affordable options in Tel Aviv, they formed venn.

Or, Chen, and David’s story is shared by an entire generation of young people searching for a better way of urban living. venn started in Shapira, an underserved neighborhood in South Tel Aviv, as an experiment to develop better neighborhoods that encourage inclusivity, community engagement, human relationships, entrepreneurship, fair pricing, and creativity. Following the success of Shapira, Tel Aviv, venn now operates in Berlin and Brooklyn, with plans to expand globally.